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A one stop call centre for all your service needs. Just call 76761-10101 and book your service call.


"Size of the audience does not matter. Keep up the good work. Appreciation is just a byproduct." This is what we at Servicevale.com truely and deeply believe in!!!

We started Servicevale when we faced an issue of hiring an electrician for a small problem. We had to wait for three days before the electrician finally turned up, completed the work but charged exuburently leaving us thinking on the issues faced by soo many people around.

Then came the idea of starting a venture into the services domain to address this pain point of soo many people. Initial days were tough but definately rewarding. Every customer we served came back to us. This fuelled us to start many other services and today we stand tall among our customers as a much sought after service provider brand in Bangalore.

Our aim is to be the most trusted brand in the home services industry. And we are working dedicatedly to get there. You will feel the difference in our voices and our work. We assure you this!!!


No hassels no waiting!!! Just deliver excellent quality service to our customers.


As simple as it can get- Be the most trusted brand in the services industry.


Work with the best to deliver the best for our customers every single day!!!


Happy Clients


Clients Catered to Everyday


Major Projects Completed




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Ashok Kumar

Managing Director

Managing Director's Message-

We built Servicevale.com in 2013 with a clear vision of connecting and bringing credibility to the service industry.

Its been an overwhelming experience connecting with our end customers, many of whom have provided us with soo much more inputs on bettering Servicevale.com.

We at Servicevale.com truely understand that few brands enjoy such love and we cant thank our customers enough for all the support you have provided us with and we assure you that we are continuously working on developing our system to better serve you with our services.

Swaroop Chavan

Vice President Technology

VP Technology's Message-

It's been such an eventful and rather satisfying journey so far this one with Servicevale.com, building a solution and connecting our customers with the right personnel for their service requirements.

All credit goes to our customers and our team of servicemen for making Servicevale.com a household name.

We owe this one to you and as we grow into a stronger and wiser organisation we promise we will still better our user experience and the service experience for our valued customers. Thank You.